2005 Connecticut Senior Games
Badminton Results
Academy of the Holy Family, Baltic, CT.

  Singles - Male     Doubles - Male     Mixed Doubles    
  Male     50-54     50-54    
  50-54     C.K. Lai/Wee Tam Gold   Fuziah O'Neill/C.K. Lai Gold  
  Laszlo Drismusz Gold   Laslo Drismusz/ Bill Fegley Silver   Tracy Liu/ Laszlo Drismusz Silver  
  C.K. Lai Silver   Vladimore Radionov/Alex Schved Bronze   Judith Paul/ Pat O'Neill Bronze  
  Wee Tam Bronze              
        55-59     55-59    
  55-59     Robert Davis/ Jim Johnson Gold   Joanne Clements/Don Clements Gold  
  Don Clements Gold   Barry Bradley/Clements Silver        
  Ganesh Gupta Silver              
  Pat O'Neill Bronze   60-64     60-64    
        Bob Keller/Mike Gannett Gold   Julie Bradley/ Barry Bradley Gold  
  60-64     Brian Gunther/ Ganesh Gupta Silver   Fran Goodman/ Bob Keller Silver  
  Jim Johnson Gold         Karen Tell/ Brian Gunther Bronze  
  Bob Keller Silver   70-74          
  Mike Gannett Bronze   Bob Ginter/Al Lutz Gold   70-74    
              Elsa Phin/ Al Lutz Gold  
  70-74     Doubles - Female          
  Bob Ginter Gold   55-59          
        Tracy Liu/ Fuziah O'Neill Gold        
  Al Lutz Gold   65-69          
  Don Wetzel Silver   Karen Tell/ Judith Paul Gold        
  80+     60-64          
  John Vann Gold   Julie Bradley/ Joanne Clements Gold        
  Singles - Female     70-74          
        Fran Goodman/ Elsa Phin Gold        
  Fuziah O'Neill Gold              
  Julie Bradley Gold              
  Karen Tell Gold